Design & Development

Being a designer over artist, means keeping the user in mind. The focus is on ease of use, consistency and responsiveness. I find this breeds a clean base design and the little bits of flash we add stand out a lot more as a result.

Content selection plays a big part in the success of a website. What you say and how you say it, text, color, images etc. I'm handy with editing tools and know some photographers and I'd be interested to learn about your business so we can work out the pages, script, images etc together (if you don't already have this figured out) .

Along with this, all websites are audited and optimized for speed and search engine ranking before I hand them over, so you can rest assured your getting a efficient, accessible and fast site.

Tools I use

  • html, css, javascript
  • JAMstack Focus (JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.)
    • Static Site Generators (gatsby, Next -may learn Hugo & Jekyll etc)
    • APIs (forms, eccomerce, blog etc)
    • CMS Integration (Netlify, headlessCMS etc)
  • Hosting
    • Hosting in CDN (Firebase, AWS S3, Cloudfront, Netlify)
  • Some MEANstack experience, I can work with/create simple backends.

If your business needs a serious backend service or database which can't be done through apis I probably don't have the expertise to help you (confused? dont worry, I'll let you know and send you in the right direction).